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**New Members of NHS
Front Row, L to R: Amber Johnson, Claudia Mendoza, Katherine Sasser, Kalah Minix, Hannah Yount
Back Row, L to R:  Victoria Howard, Travis States, Patrick Barnett, Tyler Barnes

**New Members of NJHS
Front Row, L to R:  Kayla Hounshell, Alfonso Mendoza, Hagan Smith, Jeffrey Coots, Tarah Miller
Middle Row, L to R:  Victoria McAllister, Kelsey Carico, Kelsey Minix, Sarah Hamilton, Amanda Booth
Back Row, L to R:  Allie Hayes, Tabitha Fraley,  Joshua Hollan, Stephanie Robinson, Brittany Curtis, Kayla Fugate

**HyeHyun Cho (Middle) with other JCS exchange students Thaynara Degasperi and Go Murai

**Kayla Fugate is one of many students who received a citation from  Mr. Teddy  Edmonds and The Kentucky House of Representatives commending achievement on the 2006 CATS assessment.  Kayla is commended for receiving a Proud Cat Award for scoring distinguished in all areas of CATS testing.

Reflection on my time at JCS By: Travis Combs
There is an old saying, time passes faster as you get older. I find this to be true. It seems only yesterday I walked into JCS and into Mrs. Price’s class, but that was several years ago. I am now walking out. I am graduating; graduating with mixed and bittersweet emotions.
I am who I am today partly because of JCS. I have had wonderful teachers who have not only given me knowledge, but their friendship. They gave me encouragement when I felt like giving up.
I have hundreds of friends that I will never forget. I know as I graduate and leave JCS, I may never see some of them again, which weighs heavily on my heart. My friends are such a big part of my life; I cannot imagine not seeing them and not talking to them. 
I have received so much happiness from JCS. I am not saying that I have not had difficult times, because I have. My mom reminded me every week I had journals or articles due. I stayed up many nights studying or trying to finish an assignment, because I waited until the last minute to complete it. I usually read my Accelerated Reader books the day before they were due. Yes, I am a procrastinator and my parents used that term many times on me. I guess if they had not pushed me, and sometimes even threatened to ground me from even breathing if I didn’t do my work, I may not be graduating.
However, the good times always prevailed. My involvement in the Jr. Red Cross and the Y-Club has been fun, life changing, and hopefully helpful to others.  I was very proud to receive the KHSAA scholarship at Rupp Arena this past March. This will come in handy as I enter college.
Who could ever forget the one and only Mullet Man and Apache? These two characters have become an icon at JCS, and I am proud and honored to be a part of this duo.
Last year, when the boys basketball team won the district tournament, it was such an exciting time.
The girls softball winning the All-A Classic last year and the district tournament this year were also highlights.
I love being on the baseball team here at JCS. Through the years we have won games and lost games. But the highlight, I have to admit, just happened this week when we defeated Breathitt County to win the district tournament.
We were trailing at Jackson’s last time to bat and we had two outs. Yours truly was up to the plate. My dad, Coach Elmo Combs, had instructed me on what to do and what to watch for. As I stood there waiting on the pitches, I could hear the umpire say, “strike one, strike two.” It all came down to one last pitch. My dad was coaching me, my mom was crying and praying, and I took one last swing. I hit the ball and ran as hard as I could. The ball went to the fence of the ball park. I was thrown out at second, but not before three of my teammates scored. We were now ahead. We had to hold the Bobcats and not let them score. We did! We are now district champs!
I reflect back on these experiences with great respect. I appreciate all of them. I thank my parents for all their support. I thank JCS my teachers and my friends for molding me into the man I have become. Even though I will always be a kid at heart, Jackson City will always be my school and my school choice.

My appreciation to the Jackson people
By: Hyehyun Cho
Hello, this is Hyehyun Cho, who has had a great experience in Jackson during the four months of my American life.
As the time gets towards the end of my Jackson life, I would like to show my appreciation through this article.
Last summer, before I started my adventure to America, I wasn’t afraid of being away from my family; I was excited about the new opportunity. However, as my adventures passed (about a month later), I started to have extreme homesickness. I struggled to deal with a sudden culture shock. Everything around me seemed very strange. Under these circumstances, I was unhappy and miserable. I looked at myself as failure.
Then I finally got to start everything over again, as I moved into Jackson, Kentucky. I have had very memorable experiences in the past four months. I was placed with a very warm and caring host family who has shown me the best model of an American family. They have treated me with gracious hearts.
As a student of Jackson Independent School, I bonded very well with the students. They accepted the exchange students into their school and showed us the differences, through which we learned.
I also had engaging American high school opportunities at Jackson City School. The different American school approaches were interesting, such as moving from class to class and the option to choose classes.  And as I was in classes, I learned various perceptions of education.
The school activities were very exciting. Since the sporting events are rare in the high school years in Korea, attending the sport games always thrilled me. Cheering for the Jackson Tigers was one of the most fascinating moments for me.
I really appreciate that Jackson City opens opportunities to exchange students. I especially want to thank the principal, Mr. Yount, for opening the school to us, all my class teachers who have given me such an amazing education, and all the Jackson City students who have reached out to me and all the exchange students this year.
I am glad that I chose to become an exchange student and got to stay in this loving town of Jackson.
Thank you once again, and I will always remember my great memories in Jackson!

JHS alumnus to research at Harvard this summer 
Every summer, the National Science Foundation (NSF) sponsors research experience for undergraduates at several universities in different parts of the U.S.
JHS alumnus Julie Sygiel will be working at Harvard in Boston for 10 weeks this summer doing research in the atmospheric and environmental department.
Her project is titled “Statistical Analysis of the Termination of Pollution Episodes” and examines air pollution in the Midwestern and northeastern U.S.
Julie will be working under the direction of Dr. Daniel Jacob and Dr. Loretta Mickley.
Everyone at JCS would like to congratulate Julie on this prestigious achievement!

Mrs. Price’s 2nd grade class presents plays
By: Aaron Jackson
On Monday, May 21, Mrs. Price’s 2nd grade class presented plays in the J.B. Goff Gymnasium.
These plays included “Who’s Talking, Elena?” “Too Much Noise,” and “Stone Soup.”
Students that performed “Who’s Talking, Elena?” were Chelsea Moore, Josiah Henson, Jayme Riley, Taylor Brown, Cassidy Turner, Anum Shaikh, and Makenzi Noble.
“Too Much Noise” was performed by Kaitlyn King, Josiah Henson, Sean Howard, Taylor Brown, Jerica Smith, Victoria Miller, Melannie Fraley, Lexie Little, and Cayleigh Gillum.
Finally, “Stone Soup” was performed by Hunter Tolliver, Chris Lewis, Seth Hammons, Anthony Stewart, William Shepherd, J.J. Noble, Miranda Haddix, McKenzie Francis, Brana Mullins, and Grace Badarak.
Everyone at JCS would like to congratulate Mrs. Price’s 2nd grade class on their excellent performance.

My reflection of JCS
By: Seth Branson
I have attended JCS for fourteen years and I have enjoyed the time I have spent here.  I have had a lot of good memories at JCS.
Over the years I have made many close friends, both students and teachers.
The Junior Red Cross has become an important part of my volunteer work. This has helped me become more aware of our community and my role in helping others.
I was able to apply the information that was taught in the classroom to the real world situations through the programs such as KYA and KUNA.
More important than any of the things mentioned I developed friendships that will last a lifetime.
The teachers taught by example and sought to develop a relationship with the students instead of trying to be only an authority figure.
I will always remember and be forever grateful for the opportunities that JCS presented me over the years.

Honor Society & National Junior Honor Society induction ceremonies held at JCS
By: Jessica McIntyre
The induction ceremonies for the National Honor Society and the National Junior Honor Society were held on Wednesday, May 23rd, at JCS.
Induction into the NHS and NJHS requires students to show good character, citizenship, leadership, service, and scholarship.
Several members of the community spoke to students during the ceremony.  Chuck Allen spoke about leadership, Jack Neace spoke about service, Mark Driskill spoke about character, Bruce Herald spoke about citizenship, and Key Douthitt spoke about scholarship.
Students inducted into NHS were: Patrick Barnett, Amber Johnson, Hannah Yount, Tyler Barnes, Katherine Sasser, Victoria Howard, Travis States, Kalah Minix, and Claudia Mendoza.
Students inducted into NJHS were: Kayla Fugate, Tarah Miller, Amanda Booth, Kelsey Carico, Jeffrey Coots, Brittany Curtis, Tabitha Fraley, Sarah Hamilton, Allie Hayes, Joshua Hollan, Kayla Hounshell, Victoria McAllister, Alfonso Mendoza, Kelsey Minix, Hagan Smith, and Stephanie Robinson.
the National Honor Society ranks as one of the oldest and most prestigious national organizations for high school students.  Chapters exist in more than 60 percent of the nation’s high schools and, since 1921, millions of students have been selected for membership. 
Mrs. Lucy Lovely is the NHS sponsor and Mrs. Anji Davidson is the NJHS sponsor.
Everyone at JCS would like to congratulate all inductees!

My Reflections
By: Sydney Paige Howard
Reflecting on my years here at Jackson City School, I first would like to state how helpful and supportive the staff and faculty have been here in making sure I am absolutely prepared for my life outside of high school.
Along with the faculty, my friends and family have always been there for me in all the hard times I have encountered.
Some of the best times in my life were experienced with my friends.  We even traveled 19 hours to Disney World together and were able to stand each other afterwards. 
My most missed memories will be dancing around in Ms. Bowling’s room during media to “Doing It Our Way” with Nathan Neace, talking with Jessie about celebrities, doing the crosswords in People, and inviting Corey to places I won’t be. 
I will also miss hearing all Aaron Jackson’s “your mom” jokes, and getting huge hugs from Zach Lusk when I’m not feeling so good.
Cheerleading was a huge part of my student life here at Jackson City School.  Cheerleading taught me a lot about becoming a leader and provided a way to become closer to a lot of my friends. 
Brooke Gross was always at practice with a smile and a joke to cheer everyone up, even when practice got hard. 
One of the most amazing accomplishments I have ever been a part of was when our squad placed 2nd at the All-A Competition in Richmond where we competed against seven other squads from all over Kentucky. 
My church has also helped shape me as a person. Without those people standing behind me, supporting all my endeavors, I would have never reached my goals.
As I prepare to no longer be part of the high school scene, I feel accomplished as a student and as an adult.  The many memories and tribulations will remain with me as I move on to bigger things.

McClees to retire after 29 years of service at JCS  By: Justin Watkins

To merely say that
Mrs. Edith McClees is an accomplished person would not do her justice on any level. 
As a graduate of Morehead State University, she holds numerous degrees including a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, a master’s degree in education, as well as a rank- I  in school administration.
Mrs. Mcclees has been with the Jackson Independent School District for twenty-nine years.   
Throughout her time as an employee of the school system, she has held a plethora of positions.
Beginning in 1978 as a remedial reading and math specialist, she made a transition from that to teaching middle school language arts.
As if she could stop there, she made the change in subject department, and switched to teaching 7th grade science.
From there, Mrs. Mcclees decided to leave teaching altogether, and ascended to administrative positions in the school district. 
She began work as an instructional supervisor, later to leave that to become the director of federal and state programs.
Mrs. Mcclees stepped down after that to take her current position as the special education and preschool director. It was there that she orchestrated the KERA Preschool Program.
Mrs. Mcclees will undoubtedly be missed by students and faculty alike. Her twenty-nine years at Jackson City School were well spent.       
She said, “This school is like a family. Everyone works together with the students in mind. The students and their parents, many of whom I have taught, are wonderful, always greeting you with a smile and often a hug.”
Everyone at JCS would like to commend Mrs. Mcclees on her successful career, and wish her well on her retirement. Thank you for the memories Mrs. Mcclees!

Barnett named Robinson Scholar

Amanda Barnett, a JCS 8th grader, has been named a Robinson Scholar.
The Robinson Scholars Program serves first generation college-bound and college students who have demonstrated the potential to succeed but who might encounter impediments to their completion of four-year college degrees.    
The Program’s mission is to provide these students with support services and scholarship resources that empower them to complete a baccalaureate degree at the University of Kentucky and thereby increase the educational capital of their communities.
In recognition of the potential obstacles facing these students, the program identifies Scholars in the eighth grade. This approach recognizes the importance of academic support, social mentoring, and college preparation throughout high school.
Robinson Scholars who successfully complete all of the Program’s eligibility requirements, including graduation from high school and matriculation at the University of Kentucky, Lexington Community College, or any KCTCS community college, receive scholarships and support services at the college level.
Amanda is the daughter of Janice and Linville Barnett.
Everyone at JCS would like to congratulate Amanda on this prestigious achievement!

On Wednesday, May 16th, Brenda Pugh visited Mrs. Hollan’s kindergarten class at JCS to read to the students.

Lees College holds career fair By: Aaron Jackson

On Wednesday, May 9th, the Lees College Campus of Hazard Community & Technical College held a career fair from  9 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
It was held in Van Meter Gymnasium of Lees College.
Sophomores, juniors, and seniors were invited from high schools around the county. Many visual aids were provided with every career choice.
Everyone here at JCS would like to thank Lees College for providing inspiration for students.

Elementary and middle school cheerleaders honored at banquet By: Seth Branson

On May 5th at 1:30 p.m., the elementary and middle school cheerleading banquet was held in the JCS Cafeteria.
Mr. Spencer was there to welcome each cheerleader individually.
Junior Jessica McIntyre performed the song “My Immortal” for the girls.
Third grader Brittany Barnett also sang a song at the banquet.
The elementary school cheerleaders are as follows: Brittany Barnett, Ashley Campbell, Cindy Combs, Kenzi Combs, Jessica Dunaway, Cassidy Griffith, Ally Haddix, Caroline Herald, Victoria Hollan, Laura Johnson, Katie Lawson, Debbie Little, Brooklyn McIntosh, Crystal McIntosh, Teneil Mullins, Chelsea Neace, Kaitlyn Pennington, Isabella Smith, Madison Smith, Ally Spencer, Gabby Spicer, Katie Watts, Kirsten Watts, and Lexie Watts.
The middle school cheerleaders are as follows: Kimberly Hamilton, Sarah Hamilton, Whitney Hutchinson, Courtney Lucas, Stephanie Robinson, and Nicole Spicer.
Each cheerleader was given a trophy to honor her hard work and dedication throughout the year.           
Everyone at JCS would like to commend the cheerleaders for their effort and hard work during this season.

End of the Year Activities

May 12th    High School Prom, 7:00-11:00
                   Project Prom at Fugate’s Bowling Center, 11:30 p.m.-6:00 a.m.
May 14th   Middle School Cheerleading Tryout Practice, 5:00-6:00 in Cafeteria
May 14th–19th  Junior/Senior Trip
May 16th   Middle School Cheerleading Tryout Practice, 3:30-4:30 in Band Room
May 17th    Pre-School Ceremony, 9:00 at the Jackson National Guard Armory
                   Middle School Cheerleading Tryout Gymnastics Session, Advanced 3:00-4:00,  
                      Beginners 4:00-5:00
May 18th      Eighth Grade Trip to Kentucky Kingdom (Leave at 6:00 a.m. Return at 7:30 p.m.)
                     Middle School Cheerleading Tryouts, 3:00 in Cafeteria
May 19th      Middle School Prom, 6:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m.
May 21st       Honors Night, 6:00 in the J.B. Goff Gymnasium 
                      7th & 8th Grade Mall Reward Trip
May 22nd      No School (Records Day)
                     SBDM Meeting, 4:45 at Central Office
                     Mrs. Lovely’s Field Trip to UK Science Outreach Center
May 23rd    National Honor Society Inductions, 9:30 in the J.B. Goff Gymnasium
                   Y- Club Talent Show, 1:30 in the J.B. Goff Gymnasium
May 24th    Band Concert, 6:00 in the J.B. Goff Gymnasium
May 25th    Last day of School for Students
                   Eighth Grade Graduation, 9:00 in the J.B. Goff Gymnasium
                   Kindergarten Graduation, 12:00 in the J.B. Goff Gymnasium
                   High School Graduation, 6:30 in the J.B. Goff Gymnasium
May 26th      Band Trip to Kings Island (Leave at 6:30 a.m. Return at 8:30 p.m.)
May 29th      Closing Day for Teachers 
                     Board of Education Meeting, 6:30 p.m. at Central Office

JCS advanced biology class takes trip to UK By: Sydney Paige Howard

On Thursday, May 10th, Mrs. Lucy Lovely’s advanced biology class took a field trip to the University of Kentucky.
All year, the students have been studying the invasive species zebra mussels and Asian clams.  
While they were there they presented a PowerPoint presentation on the invasive species to four other high school and the instructors of the invasive species lessons.
Mrs. Lovely would like to congratulate the students on a job well done.

JCS to host summer camp      By: Travis Combs

The JCS 21st CCLC and Community Ed. are hosting a Summer Day Camp.
The kids have heard the news of the upcoming event and are really excited about it.
This year will be a different experience, but a fun one nonetheless.
June 4th-7th, 10 a.m.-3 p.m., the JCS 21st CCLC and JCS FRYSC are hosting the Tiger Tales Day Camp for grades K-middle.
Also, Southeast Ky. AHEC, KCTCS, the JCS 21st CCLC and Breathitt County YSC, are hosting a Scrubs Camp for grades 6-12
June 11th-15th, Missoula Children’s Theatre will be here from 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
June 18th-19th   , a Cheer Camp will be hosted by the JCS High School Cheerleaders from 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
June 20th-22nd, Appalachian Heritage Day Camp will give students a chance to learn more about themselves from 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
June 26th-28th there will be a 4-H Camp at Douthitt Park 8 a.m.-12 (noon).
Registration for this spectacular event is going on now. If interested, please contact Dixie Combs at the 21st Century Community Learning Center at (606) 666-4417.

Survivor winners go on field trip By: Nicole Bowles

The first and second place teams in grades 6-8 who accumulated the most points during the Survivor contest were rewarded with a field trip to Hazard.
While in Hazard, the students went to Fugate’s Bowling Center and then went to the Mexican restaurant to eat.
To top off the day, the students went to the Perry County Park.
Everyone at JCS would like to congratulate the teams who received first and second place.

Drawing held for CATS testing incentives at JCS

On Wednesday, May 9th, a drawing was held for students who put forth good effort and had perfect attendance during the recent CATS assessment.
Those who put forth good effort had the opportunity to win various gifts, such as games and bath sets donated by the FRYSC.
Those who had perfect attendance during testing had the opportunity to win a $25 Wal-Mart gift card.
The winners were Jessie McIntyre, Kayla Smith, Tyler Barnes, Tyler Howard, Britnie Jordan, Drew Davidson, and Landry Hayes.
Principal Jim Yount would like to congratulate the winners and thank all JCS student for their effort on the assessment.

JCS art students take field trip to UK Campus By: Jessie McIntyre

On Tuesday, May 8th, the high school art class at JCS attended a field trip to the campus of the University of Kentucky.
The students, along with art teacher Mrs. Sonya Perkins, viewed an art exhibit titled “Prints by Women.”
While on campus, the students took a tour arranged by Mrs. Sylvia Back.
The students saw the Singletary Center for the Arts, dormitories, the Johnson Recreation Center, the library, classrooms, and the engineering building.
It was a great trip for all involved.

Teddy Edmonds visits first grade at JCS By: Nicole Bowles

Mrs. Misty Noble’s first grade class won first place in the Junior Red Cross school supply drive.
Students had to collect and send school supplies to members of the United States Armed Forces in Iraq. The armed forces then distributed the supplies to Iraqi students.             
Representative Edmonds recently visited JCS. He gave the first grade class a citation extending his gratitude towards the students who worked hard to complete this mission.
Everyone at JCS would like to congratulate Mrs. Noble’s first grade class on a job well done. Thanks Mr. Teddy Edmonds!

Coloring Contest Pic: Woman's Christian Temperance Union Drug Prevention Coloring Contest School Winners from Mrs. Misty Noble's Class: (L to R):  3rd Place Emily Baker, 2nd Place: Brittany Smith, 1st Place: Emilee Harris.  Emilee Harris received an honorable mention for the entire county.  She will attend the WCTU Awards Ceremony on Monday, April 16th.

Easter Winner Pic: Mr. Larry Turner was the lucky winner of an Easter basket drawing on Friday,
April 6th. The JCS Middle School Cheerleaders sold chances as a fundraiser for new uniforms and supplies.
They sold a total of 118 chances and would like to thank everyone who purchased one.

JHS Junior/Senior Trip Update By: Aaron Jackson

Planning is almost finished for the junior/senior trip at Jackson City School.
The junior and senior classes have been working hard with fundraisers throughout their high school careers and all students have paid off their trip costs
During the week of May 14th-19th, the students will be going to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.
Activities that they will be participating in include educational workshops, such as hands on animal training, and a behind- the-scenes look of a circus show.
The junior and senior classes would like to thank Mrs. Anji Davidson for her hard work in helping to plan the trip and everyone who supported them by participating in their fundraisers.

Mrs. Price’s Top Banana of the Week is
Jerica Smith
1.My favorite food is pizza and macaroni and cheese.
2.My favorite school subject is social studies.
3.My least favorite school subject is math.
4.A career I’d like in the future is to be a doctor because I want to help other children the way my doctor saved me.
5. When I’m with my friends, my favorite thing to do is cartwheels and play video games.
6.When I’m alone, my favorite thing to do is watch TV.
7.My favorite TV show is “Drake and Josh.”
8.I think the best color in the world is blue.
9.One thing I really do well is color.
10.The best thing about me is that I have a pretty smile.

JHS Classrooms Receive New Computers By: Sydney Paige Howard

There has been an addition to the amount of computers at JHS.
A week before spring break, approximately 20 new Dell PC’s were installed in Ms. Bowling and Mr. Turner’s high school classrooms.
The Dells feature Microsoft Vista and Microsoft Office 2007.   
The school was able to purchase these new computers through the IDU funds that are allotted to all schools in Kentucky.
The new computers were placed in the classrooms that showed the greatest need.
In addition, about 25 new  iMacs will be arriving.  These computers will be used to train teachers on how to use Apple computers. 
Each teacher who attends a special professional development meeting will receive one of the iMacs to place in their classrooms.
Mr. Turner and Ms. Bowling would like to thank Mr. Coots for allowing them to have the new computers and for taking time out of his busy schedule to set them up and maintain them.

JCS FRYSC Participates in Community Baby Shower By: Laura Collins

FRYSC’s within this region held a community baby shower.
The community baby shower is a community project that helps inform mothers and expecting mothers about parenthood.
At this year’s shower speakers included Denise Whitcher, representatives from the Health Department, adult education, and public library.
Mothers that attended received gifts that included car seats, diapers, sippy cups , and other baby supplies.
There were a total of 23 mothers that attended.

JHS Alumnus Performs in UK Opera Production By: Jessica McIntyre
Jackson City graduate Heather Sewell, class of 2004, recently performed in the UK Opera Theatre’s production of George Bizet’s Carmen.
Heather is a junior at UK and plans to double major in vocal performance and arts administration with a minor in Spanish.
She was a chorus member in her production, which was her fourth with the UK Opera Theatre program.
The story of Carmen is about a beautiful gypsy with a bad temper. She leads the corporal Don Jose to mutiny against his superior and to join her band of smugglers, and then drives him to madness when she leaves him for the bullfighter, Escamillo.
The opera was performed at the Lexington Opera House in Lexington.
Everyone at Jackson City is very proud of Heather and would like to wish her good luck in all of her future endeavors.
Group Photo

JCS Participates in Outdoor Explorer By: Travis Combs
Jackson City School students recently had the opportunity to be a part of the “Outdoor Explorer” program.
This was an overnight adventure made possible by Martha Yount and the University Kentucky Extension Office.
Mrs. Yount received a grant that allowed students to stay in Robinson Forest, complete with cabins and “mess halls.”
Students enjoyed true camp experience. They left at 2:00 p.m. on Thursday the 15th and participated in an evening full of various environmental activities.
On Friday, the students took a very long hike to the fire tower. They then had the opportunity to go up to the third level and take in the splendid mountain view.  
The trip was a hit with both students and chaperones.
The JCS 21st CCLC would like to thank Martha Yount for allowing them to be part of Outdoor Explorer!

Jackson City elementary and middle school students participate in science fair  By: Sydney Paige Howard

On Wednesday, February 28th, Jackson City elementary and middle school students participated in a school wide science fair. 
The elementary students were scored one through five on scientific method, skill, and clarity.
The middle school students were scored one through five on idea, hypothesis development, variables, description of procedure, data collection, conclusion, journal and report, display, project skills, and the interview with the judge.
These are the first place winners in the elementary grades; 1st Emilee Harris, 2nd Josiah Henson, 3rd Travis Arrowood and Ally Spencer.
The middle school winners will be attending the East KY Science center for the regional competition in March.
Those students include: Dylan Campbell 4th grade, Ben Combs 5th grade, and Ty Arrowood 8th grade.
Everyone would like to congratulate the winners and wish the middle school winners luck in the regional competition.
Picture #1:  3rd Grade Winner Travis Arrowood, 3rd Grade Winner Ally Spencer, 1st Grade Winner Emilee Harris, 2nd Grade Winner Josiah Henson
Picture # 2:  4th Grade Winner Dylan Campbell, 8th Grade Winner Ty Arrowood, 5th Grade Winner Ben Combs

Guest artist visits Mrs. Watkins’ 5th and 8th grade classes By: Sydney Paige Howard

Last week, Mrs. Watkins’ 5th and 8th grade classes were visited by Jane McTeigue.
McTeigue discussed art elements with the 8th grade arts and humanities classes. These topics were based around texture, lines, color, and space.
The 8th graders constructed their own pop-up booklets containing all of the basic elements with definitions and examples.
McTeigue spoke with fifth graders about branches of government.
McTeigue’s visit was made possible by the KY Arts Council.  We certainly appreciate their support in bringing an artist to our school with the Teacher Initiated Program.
Mrs. Watkins’ classes would like to thank Ms. McTeigue for her enlightening and enjoyable visit.

Photo Her

Jackson City Elementary wins District Governor’s Cup

On March 3rd, the District Governor’s Cup was held at LBJ Elementary School.
The schools that participated in the District Governor’s Cup were; Jackson City School, LBJ School, Highland Turner, and Rousseau.
Jackson City School is the District Elementary Academic Team Governor’s Cup Champion for the 4th tear in a row, repelling a strong challenge from LBJ Elementary by a score of 55.5 to 48.
Ten different Jackson City students, mostly 5th graders, won a total of 14 individual medals and will move on to the regional competition on March 17, along with the entire quick recall team, 1st place finishers in the district competition.
Winning two individual medals each for Jackson City were Lindsey Kemper, 1st in written composition and 2nd  in social studies; Allen Fletcher, 3rd in language arts and 4th in arts and humanities; Terrance Collins, 3rd in mathematics and 4th in language arts; and Matthew Turner, 4th in both science and written composition.
Also winning individual medals for Jackson City were Brent Watts, 1st in science; Kelli Gillum, 1st in arts and humanities; Laura Johnson, 2nd in arts and humanities; 4th grader Noah Cornett, 3rd in science; Tyler Collins, 4th in mathematics; and Cindy Combs, 5th in mathematics.
In addition to the above students, the 1st place quick recall team for Jackson included Johnny Smith, 4th graders Sarah Yount and Katie Turner and 3rd grader Amanda Griffith.
Jackson City Elementary Academic Team Coach Chet Sygiel was very pleased with the team’s overall effort at the District Governor’s Cup.
“They are smart and hard working group of students. We try to have fun at practice, but when competition starts they are all business,” Said Sygiel.
Everyone at JCS would like to congratulate all the students for all their accomplishments and Mr.Sygiel for all of his hard work.

Photo Her

JCS student to play for U.S. Soccer Team By: Aaron Jackson

JCS student
Shaniquiwa Howard will be going to Holland in July 2007 to play for the U.S. Soccer Team.
She will be playing teams from around the world as part of the People to People Sports Ambassador Program.
Ms. Howard will be visiting Amsterdam and will also get to meet President Bush.
The trip to Amsterdam will include a tour of Anne Frank’s former home.
Only 16 people were selected for the U.S. team and 6th grade student Shaniquiwa Howard says the she is proud to be one of them.
“It’s very shocking because who would think a girl from Jackson would get to go to Holland and play for the U.S. Soccer Team and meet the president?” says Shaniquiwa.  
She will be training eight hours a day seven days a week.
Everyone here at JCS would like to congratulate Shaniquiwa Howard and wish her luck for this July.

JHS Senior Spotlight

This week’s Jackson High School Senior Spotlight is focused on
Dustin Kilburn.
Dustin is the 18-year-old son of Steve and Alice Kilburn of Jackson.
He has attended JCS for six years. Dustin has participated in several clubs and activities including basketball, golf, Spanish Club, and Science Club.
In his spare time, he enjoys going to car shows, playing basketball, golf, fishing, hunting, four-wheeling, and camping.
After graduation, he plans to attend the University of Kentucky.
Everyone at JCS would like to wish Dustin the best of luck!

Mrs. Price’s Top Banana of the Week is
Cassidy Turner
1. My favorite food is strawberries.
2. My favorite school subject is spelling and math.
3. My least favorite school subject is social studies.
4. A career I’d like in the future is a dentist because I like dentists.
5. When I’m with my friends, I really like to play.
6. When I’m alone, my favorite thing to do is watch T.V.
7. My favorite show is “Winks.”
8. I think that the best color in the world is baby blue.
9. One thing I really do well is whistle.
10. The best thing about me is I’m kind and loving

21st CCLC Celebrates  Dr. Seuss  By: Travis Combs

The 21st CCLC celebrated Dr. Seuss Week this past week. Each day consisted of fun filled activities.
On Monday, students fashioned hats resembling the Cat’s from The Cat in the Hat.
On Tuesday, the students worked with the “Foot Book” which was math related.
On Wednesday, students chose a favorite Dr. Seuss picture drew it, and then combined them all to create a paper quilt.
On Thursday, all groups joined together for a feast of green eggs and ham.
On Friday, students had Dr. Seuss competitions.  Brandon Wolfe was the big winner.
All the students enjoyed the week of fun-filled events. The week will be long remembered here at JCS.

Special guests visit 5th grade class By: Seth Branson

On February 26th, Sandy Sults visited Ms. Wolfe’s 5th grade class. While there, Sults talked about colonel culture and their way of life.
The students got to practice writing with quill pens. They also looked at different colonial clothing and toys.  
Becky Shipp also visited the 5th grade class.  Shipp is from the Historical Society in Frankfort.
During her visit, students got to look at different brick patterns and different building materials used in different time periods.
Shipp taught the class how to determine the age of historical buildings just by looking at them.  
Mrs. Wolfe and her students enjoyed the guests and learned a lot from the experience.

Bill Meck visits 4th grade at JCS By: Nicole Bowles

Bill Meck came to Jackson City School on Monday, March 5th to talk to the fourth grade classes about weather.
While he was here he demonstrated weather concepts using students as examples.
A few of the concepts he talked about were tornados, hurricanes, floods, fronts, and weather maps.
Meck also helped the students get ready for the CATS test.  He also answered any questions about the test that the students had.
The students were featured on Channel 18 News.
The fourth grade classes would like to thank Bill Meck his visit.

F.R.E.D. held at JCS

F.R.E.D. (Fathers Reading Every Day) was held at Jackson City School on Tuesday, March 6th.
Students were asked to bring a father or father figure that would commit to reading with their child for 15 minutes the first two weeks of March and 30 minutes, the last two weeks.     
The orientations were a great success with 20 students and adult males in attendance. 
The participants received everything they would need for the month including a chart to help track the days they read to their child.
During the meeting, adults and students made pancakes and read, When You Give a Pig a Pancake. 
“We want to encourage males to take an active role in their child’s reading development.  Society often holds mothers accountable for reading with their child.  This was a good way to involve males in reading to children,” said Susan Herald, 21st Century Community Learning Center Director.   
F.R.E.D. is sponsored by the Breathitt Co. Extension Agency, JCS 21st CCLC and Community Education

Sweetheart King and Quee

JCS Library Sponsoring Dr. Seuss Cake Decorating Contest

In recognition of Dr. Seuss’ 103rd birthday on March 2nd, which is also Read Across America Day, the JCS library is sponsoring a cake decorating contest.
All entries must be made by a JCS student or a parent/student team.  No professionally decorated cakes will be accepted.  Only one entry per student is allowed.  This contest is open to all grade levels.
Cakes must be dropped off at the school cafeteria between 8:30 and 9:00 a.m. on Friday, March 2nd.  Judging will begin at 9:15. 
After prizes are awarded, all entered cakes will be sliced and served as dessert for lunch. 
The following prizes will be awarded: King’s Stilts Award for the tallest cake, Cat in the Hat Award for the cat’s 50th birthday, Daisy-Head Mayzie Award for the best use of flowers in decorating, If I Ran the Zoo Award for best use of animals in decorating, Green Eggs and Ham Award for the most unique cake. 
The following awards will also be presented for the judges’ choice: Most Seussian Award, Confection Perfection Award, and Oh, the Places You Will Go Award.
Entry forms must be picked up from Mrs. Neihof in the library and submitted with the cakes.
Mrs. Neihof would like to encourage all JCS students to participate in the contest

JHS students take college microbiology By: Seth Branson

This semester, Lees College is offering a microbiology class for high school students. This class is being taught by Mr. Dell Sasser.
Several students at JCS are taking full advantage of this opportunity.
The students registered in the class include: Zach Cornett, Claudia Mendoza, Jeremy Ross, Shelby Ferguson, Justin Watkins, Seth Branson, Nathan Coyle, Corey Davidson, Zach Lusk, Nick Turner, Drew Davidson, and Katherine Sasser.
Two primary objectives of the class are to study the five scientific kingdoms and to observe many microorganisms over the semester.
Everyone at JCS would like to thank Dell Sasser and his wife Carla Rodriguez for their assistance with the class and also thank Dell for devoting his time to teaching young students

JHS media class visits Mrs. Wolfe’s 5th grade class By: Aaron Jackson

On Thursday, February 1st, Ms. Jessica Bowling’s high school media class met with Ms. Sarah Wolfe’s 5th grade class to teach them the article writing process.
Ms. Wolfe’s students are learning to write articles for CATS testing and their portfolios.
Ms. Wolfe thinks that this is a wonderful opportunity for her students to receive hands-on help from high school students.
The media class will be returning to help the 5th graders revise and put the finishing touches on their articles.
Mrs. Wolfe would like to thank Ms. Bowling’s media class for a job well done

JHS Senior Spotlight

This week’s Jackson High School Senior Spotlight is focused on
Edward Joseph Fugate.
Eddie Joe is the 18-year-old son of Geneva and Eddie Fugate of Jackson. 
He has attended JCS for 14 years.  Eddie Joe has participated in chorus for three years.
He has also received several awards, including two chorus awards from 8th and 9th grade, and countless art awards from over the years.
In his spare time, he enjoys art, poetry, spirituality, family, and the simple things in life.
After graduation, he plans to teach philosophy or religion. 
Everyone at JCS would like to wish Eddie Joe the best of luck

Juniors participate in CATS prep class By: Jessie McIntyre

The juniors at Jackson City School are taking a special math class with Mrs. Joannie Gillum to prepare for their CATS testing.
The class, which meets twice a week, began after Christmas break and will last through April.
Students take pretests, which show their weakest areas and then complete activities that help them improve in those areas.
Students receive a grade based on their activities and a post- test, which tracks their improvement in the class.
Mrs. Gillum hopes the class will help to improve Jackson City’s math scores on the upcoming CATS test

JHS cheerleaders participate in competitions By: Jessie McIntyre

On February  3rd and 4th , the JHS cheerleaders competed in two competitions at Madison Central in Richmond, Kentucky.
On Saturday, the cheerleaders competed in the All A State Competition.
The team competed against six teams in the medium division and placed second.
On Sunday, they competed in the Commonwealth Cheer and Dance Open.
There were dance, cheer, and All-star teams from all over the state competing.
The JHS squad placed second in their division on Sunday as well. 
Coaches Andrus Sizemore and Brittany Linkous traveled with the squad to the competition, along with other parents and supporters.
Coach Sizemore and Coach Linkous are very proud of the team for all of their hard work
Photo Her

Guitar lessons to be given at JCS By: Travis Combs

The 21st CCLC is offering a new addition to their program, guitar lessons.  A local young man, Jeremy Short, will be the instructor.
Jeremy is no stranger to playing the guitar.  He plays at the Happy Church, where he attends regularly.  He also is involved with his own band.
The lessons will be given on Mondays at
3:30 p.m.  There is a one time registration fee of $10.00. 
If anyone is interested in this new service, please contact Susan or Dixie at the 21st CCLC.
Everyone at JCS would like to welcome Jeremy Short

JCS Preschool News

Miss Barbara from PRIDE comes to visit the JCS preschool each month to teach the importance of keeping the community clean. 
The preschool students have learned how to reuse and recycle items that would normally be thrown away
Photo Her

Ms. Wolfe’s’ 5th grade Class builds machines

By: Seth Branson
Last week, Ms. Sarah Wolfe’s 5th grade class built simple machines out of connector blocks.
The purpose of the project was to teach the students how simple machines work and how they make our life easier.
The students also got a sense of how simple machines are constructed in real life.
When discussing what they learned, students stated that it was a definite plus to be able to see how they worked from a visual standpoint instead of reading the information from a textbook.
When asked about the project the students stated that they really enjoyed it and look forward to more visual learning projects in the future

JHS Senior Spotlight

This week’s Jackson High School Senior Spotlight is focused on
Devon Combs
Devon is the 18-year-old daughter of Lillie Combs of Jackson. 
She has attended JCS for 14 years.  During her high school years, she has participated in Y-Club, cheerleading, HOSA, track, Spanish club, and science club.
She has also been honored by Who’s Who Among American High School Students and National Honor Roll.
In her spare time, she enjoys cheerleading and spending time with family and friends.
After graduation, she plans to attend Pikeville College and go into the medical field. 
Everyone at JCS would like to wish Devon the best of

Junior-Senior trip scheduled at JCS

By: Jessica McIntyre
The location and date of the JHS junior-senior trip has been scheduled.
The students will be taking a trip to Orlando, Florida to the Disney World Resort.
The students will take two or three educational classes every morning while they are on the trip.
Students get to pick classes ranging from marine biology at the Animal Kingdom, physics and math at Epcot, and even a performing arts class that goes behind the scenes at a circus show.
The trip is planned for May 15th -20th.
Various teachers and parents will be attending as chaperones, including Mrs. Anji Davidson and Mr. A.J. Collins.
The students have all worked very hard to raise the money for this trip and are currently selling JCS tee shirts and Little Caesars Pizza Kits.
The juniors and seniors would like to thank all teachers and school board members who have helped with the trip

JCS Receives New Foreign Exchange Student
By: Nicole Bowles
Jackson City is pleased to announce that they have received a new foreign exchange student named
Thaynara Degasperi.
Thaynara is from Brazil and she is staying with Martha and John Boggs.
Thaynara is staying in Breathitt County for six months. 
Some hobbies that she enjoys are playing soccer and other sports.
Everyone at Jackson City School would like to welcome Thaynara

Mrs. Price’s Top Banana of the week is

Jayme Elizabeth Lee Riley

1.)My favorite food is spaghetti.
2.)My favorite subject in school is reading.
3.)My least favorite subject in school is nothing, I like all subjects.
4.)A career I’d like in the future is teacher because  they help people learn.
5.)When I am with friends I really like to sing and dance.
6.)When I am alone, my favorite thing to do is watch TV or read.
7.)My favorite TV show is “Zoey 101.”
8.)I think that the best color in the world is green.
9.)One thing I do really well is flips.
10.)The best thing about me is I’m kind to everyone

JHS Cheerleaders Compete in KAPOS By: Sydney Paige Howard

On January 27th, the JHS cheerleaders competed in the regional KAPOS competition.
The cheerleaders placed first in the 55th district 2 ½ medium competition and placed 3rd in the 14th Region.
First place went to Hazard and 2nd went to PCC.
The JHS cheerleaders will be competing in the All A Competition on Saturday, February 3rd at Madison Central. 
They will be returning to Madison Central the next day to compete in the Commonwealth Cheer and Dance Open.
Everyone at JCS would like to congratulate the cheerleaders on a job well done and would like to wish them the best of luck on their upcoming competitions

Mrs. Price’s Top Banana of the week is
Anum Shaikh
1.)My favorite food is pizza.
2.)My favorite subjects are reading and P.E.
3.)My least favorite subject is none.
4.)A career I’d like in the future is a doctor because they help people.
5.)When I am with my friends I really like to play.
6.)When I am alone, my favorite thing to do is to watch TV.
7.)My favorite TV show is “Nick.”
8.)I think that the best color in the world is pink.
9.)One thing I really do well is jump rope.
10.) The best thing about me is my smile

Jeff Sheppard Visits Local Sports Teams By: Aaron Jackson

Former University of Kentucky basketball player Jeff Sheppard visited local sports teams at Lees College gymnasium on Wednesday, January 24th.
The JHS boys and girls basketball teams and cheerleaders attended.
This was made possible by operation UNITE.
Mr. Sheppard’s very persuasive speech was focused on not letting things such as drugs, alcohol, or even yourself get in the way of your dreams.
Other local teams that participated in this event included Riverside Christian School, Mount Carmel, and Oakdale.
The JHS sports teams would like to thank operation UNITE and Mr. Jeff Sheppard for making this event possible

Friendship Day to be Held at JCS

Tuesday, February 13th will be recognized as Friendship Day at JCS.
Students may invite a friend or family member to lunch here at school.  The cost for the lunch is $2.75. 
Food Service Coordinator Carol Conway encourages all JCS students to participate in this event

Guitar Classes Underway at JCS By: Travis Combs

Guitar classes are off to a great start at JCS. 
Nine eager students attended the first meeting wanting to learn to play the guitar. 

Instructor Jeremy Short met with each student to determine their skills level as well as their person goals

He plans to work with small groups of students at 30 minute intervals.
Students, parents, and JCS staff members are very excited to have this unique opportunity of guitar classes at the school. 
Classes are open to any JCS student K-12 and the Breathitt County School District. 
If any student is interested in attending these lessons, please contact Susan Herald or Dixie Combs at JCS or call 666-4417

JHS Senior Spotlight

This week’s Jackson High School Senior Spotlight is focused on
Travis Combs
Travis is the 17-year-old daughter of Elmo and Sherri Combs of Jackson. 
He has attended JCS for 10 years.  During his high school years, he has participated in Y-Club and baseball.
He has also received several awards including perfect attendance, Y-Club, the Presidential Volunteer Bronze Medal for Community Service, Jackson General Awards, and a one year service pin from the Red Cross.
In his spare time, he enjoys baseball, softball, and participating in the Breathitt County Jr. Red Cross.
After graduation, he plans to attend Hazard Community College for two years and transfer to EKU.  Travis wants to go into the criminology field. 
Everyone at JCS would like to wish Travis the best of luck

JCS Wins District Governor’s Cup By: Seth Branson

On January 27th, Jackson City School hosted the middle school district Governor’s Cup competition and placed first overall.
The two participants were Jackson City Middle School and Sebastian Middle School.
The JCS quick recall team placed first.
The captain of the team is Hagan Smith, who played alongside members Jacob Haddix, Justin Stacy, Randall Turner, Nazeer Shaikh, Alfonzo Mendoza, Peyton O’Neill, Jordan Turner, and Brad Trent.
The future problem solving team placed first as well.
The members are Alexandra Herald, Kendra Tolson, Josh Hollan, and Maggie Davis.
In math, Nazeer Shaikh placed fourth and Justin Stacy placed first.
In science, Maggie Davis placed first, Peyton O’Neill placed third, and Jacob Haddix placed fifth.
In written composition, Alexandra Barnett placed first, Britnie Jordan placed second, and Alexandra Herald placed fifth.
In social studies, Jacob Haddix placed first and Peyton O’Neill placed third.
In language arts, Amanda Barnett placed first, Kendra Tolson placed second, and Britnie Jordan placed fourth.
In arts and humanities, Josh Hollan placed third, Britnie Jordan placed fourth, and Amanda Barnett placed fifth.
All the students who placed will advance to the regional competition at Estill County on February 17th.
Everyone at JCS congratulates all the students on their accomplishment and wishes them the best of luck in the upcoming regional competition

10th Grade Completes Globe Theater Projects By: Nicole Bowles

As part of a unit on Shakespeare, Ms. Jessica Bowling’s 10th grade English classes recently completed a Globe Theatre project.
The project consisted of hand making a replica of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and labeling the parts.
The students had a little over two weeks to complete the project outside of school. 
Each student had the option of working with one other student.
The project was worth 500 points and was scored on likeness to the original Globe, creativity, attractiveness, correctness of labeling the parts, and effort.  
Ms. Bowling is very proud of all of her students for the hard work they put into their projects

Mrs. Price’s Top Banana of the Week  is

Angelica “Kenzi” Noble

1.) My favorite food is spaghetti.
2.) My favorite school subject is reading.
3.) My least favorite subject is science.
4.) A career I’d like in the future is, “I just don’t know right now.”
5.) When I’m with my friends, I really like to do gymnastics.
6.) When I’m alone, my favorite things to do are read and draw.
7.) My favorite TV show is, “Full House.”
8.) I think that the best color in the world is blue.
9.) One thing I really do well is color.
10.) The best thing about me is that I’m a nice person.

JHS Senior Spotlight

This week’s Jackson High School Senior Spotlight is focused o
n Jackie Clemons.
Jackie is the 17-year-old son of Jack and Mayme Clemons.
He has attended JCS for four years and has participated in many   programs throughout high school such as baseball, basketball, and Y-Club.
In his free time, he enjoys playing baseball, basketball, and hanging out with friends
After graduation he plans to go to college and get a job.
Everyone at JCS would like to wish Jackie the best of luck!

CATS Amazing Race Update By: Jessie McIntyre

The Amazing Race is going great at Jackson City.
In the CATS Amazing Race, students are put into teams and they have to compete every Thursday at open response and multiple choice questions.
The team that scores the highest on Thursday gets an advantage in a race every other Friday.
Last week, the Wildcats won their first race, which was a relay.
There have been three races so far and they will continue until April.
The Cheetahs and the Jaguars are currently in the lead, but only twenty five points separate all the teams, so anyone can still win.
After the CATS testing, everyone who works hard gets to take a swimming trip.
We would like to thank all of the teachers who have worked very hard on the Amazing Race.

JCS Cheerleaders Update By: Sydney Paige Howard
The elementary cheerleaders recently sponsored a chili dinner for the teachers.
The money went to buying new cheer mats for all of the cheerleading squads to use.
The cheerleaders will now have seven mats to use so that they can better practice their routines for the up-coming competition. 
Also, the high school cheerleaders will be competing February 3rd in the All-A competition.
Everyone would like to wish the cheerleaders luck on their two up-coming competitions.

Jackson City Middle School Boys Basketball Team Rewarded By: Travis Combs

On Sunday, January 14th,   the Jackson City Middle School Boys Basketball Team was rewarded with an awards ceremony and then a   special trip to Rupp Arena in Lexington.
First, the team traveled to Golden Corral in Winchester, where they had their awards luncheon.  
After lunch, Coach Combs presented each player and assistant coaches with medallions and certificates.
He stressed the importance of
a good education and team work.  Combs also thanked the parents for being supportive of him as well as their children.
The next stop on the team’s schedule was Rupp Arena.  While there, the team enjoyed watching a basketball game between the Harlem Globetrotters and the New York Nationals.
The Globetrotters performed many tricks while staying involved with the audience. 
One student described it as “awesome.”
When the game was over, the team was allowed to go down on the playing floor for autographs.
The Jackson City Middle School Boys Basketball Team would like to thank Coach Combs and the Boosters Club for a wonderful and exciting day.

Photo Her

JCS 21st Salutes Teresa Norman By: Seth Branson

The JCS 21st Century Community Learning Center would like to take this opportunity to salute Teresa Norman.
Mrs. Norman began her career with the after school program this year. She assists with homework.  
She was approached by Dixie Combs, and was honored to join the 21st century program.
Norman is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in university studies, which she will complete in May.
During the day, Norman works as an instructional assistant in Misty Noble’s first-grade class.
She has worked at Jackson City School for five years. During the after-school program, the majority of Norman’s time is spent working with 2nd and 3rd grade students under the supervision of Mrs. Penny Allen.
Ms. Norman, we want to salute you for a job well done. We appreciate you and all the hard work you do!

Photo Her

JHS Girls Basketball Team Attends UK Game

On Sunday, January 14th, the Jackson High School Girls Basketball Team traveled to Memorial Coliseum in Lexington to watch the UK Lady Wildcats take on Ole Miss. 
Coach John Couch and several parents attended this event with the girls. 
Sophomore Britni Tincher said the girls learned about better defense, ball movement, and team work from the experience. 
She said a highlight of the day was getting to meet UK Coach Tubby Smith, who also attended the game.
Sophomore Kayla Smith said, “I thought this was a good opportunity for us to see another women’s team play. It was a lot of fun.”
Everyone at JCS would also like to congratulate the girls on their win over Riverside on the 16th.
Lady Tigers, Back L to R:  Stephanie Robinson, Meghan Whorrall, Kayla Smith, Brittany Curtis, Britni Tincher
Front L to R: Hope Coots, Kayla Fugate, Monica Collins, Lyndzay Fugate, Jennifer Robinso

Magician Visits JCS By: Aaron Jackson

On Thursday, January 11th, magician Joseph Young visited Jackson City School.
Mr. Young performed for grades 7-12 and also for the 21st CCLC after school program.
While here, Young performed his Rubik’s Cube act, which has won many national awards including, “The Magi-Fest Gold Metal,” and “Houdini Rising Star of Magic.”
Everyone at JCS would like to thank Mr. Young for his entertaining performance.

Magician L to R:  Dylan Carico, Magician Joseph Young, Zach Gayhear

Ms. Wolfe’s 5th grade class challenges six seniors By: Nicole Bowles

To prepare for the CATS assessment, Ms. Wolfe’s 5th grade class is currently doing a variety of activities including trivia games.
They also work as teams in survivor groups by completing open responses, quizzes, tests, along with physical challenges in the gym every other week.
As part of their preparation for the CATS test, they challenged six seniors to a game of trivia. Ms. Wolfe’s class dominated the six seniors, beating them by a large margin.
Everyone at JCS would like to wish Ms. Wolfe and her class good luck with completing all of their activities, along with the upcoming CATS exam

JHS Senior Spotlight

This week’s Jackson High School senior spotlight is focused on
Nicole Bowles.
Nicole is the 18-year-old daughter of Bill and Dawn Bowles of Jackson.
She has attended JCS for 12 years.   Nicole has participated in several activities during her high school years, including the yearbook staff, Y-Club, cheerleading, and National Honor Society.
During her spare time, Nicole enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, Dustin Kilburn.
After graduation, she plans to go to college and become an elementary school teacher. 
Everyone at JCS would like to wish Nicole the best of luck

Cheerleaders Update By: Sydney Paige Howard

On December 7th, the JHS cheerleaders sold chili dinners to the faculty as a fundraiser.
The dinners were sold for five dollars and included one bowl of chili, a peanut butter and syrup sandwich, a cookie, and a brownie.
The dinners were put together by Anji Carico and Betsy Douthitt. 
Next on the agenda for the cheerleaders is a trip to Kentucky Elite, where they will be working on perfecting their routine for their upcoming competition in January.
A new addition to the cheerleading equipment will be three new cheer mats that the cheerleaders will be able to use to prepare for competition.
All the cheerleaders would like to thank Mrs. Douthitt and Mrs. Carico for helping them make the fundraiser a huge success. 

Mrs. Price’s Class Designs Gingerbread Houses By:Jessica McIntyre

On December 14, Mrs. Price’s first grade class made and decorated paper gingerbread houses.
The students used various candies, such as rainbow Twizzlers, candy canes, peppermint Lifesavers, and jelly beans.
According to Mrs. Price, the students will take their houses home and hang them in their bedrooms and await Santa’s arrival.
The students also made Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus puppets on December 15th.
All of the students greatly enjoyed this project.

Photo Her

Lady Tigers Rewarded       By:  Travis Combs

The middle and elementary school Lady Tigers are receiving a reward from their Coach, Sylvia Back. 
The teams, along with their parents, will travel to Lexington to watch the University of Kentucky Lady Cats play basketball.
After the game, they will be going to the mall to finish their Christmas shopping.
Coach Back wants the girls to have a fun day, as well as possibly learn from the Lady Cats.
According to Coach Back the girls have worked so hard this year.  “They have shown so much sportsmanship and dedication, I feel they need to be rewarded for their accomplishments,” states Back.
Everyone at JCS would like to wish the Lady Tigers a safe and fun day.

Ms. Wolfe’s 5th Grade Class Visits Nursing Home By: Seth Branson

On December 5th, Ms. Wolfe’s 5th grade class visited the nursing home to visit with the elderly.
While there, the students sang Christmas carols and were accompanied by Frosty and Rudolph (Seth Branson and Travis Combs).
The students are brought presents for patients at the nursing home, along with candy and fruit. They also made Christmas cards for them.
After the kids were finished singing, they spent time with the patients. 
They enjoyed the trip and making Christmas better for the patients.

NCSS Trip to Washington By: Nicole Bowles

Ms. Sarah Wolfe recently took a trip to Washington. She left on November 29th and went to conferences on the 30th.
While she was there she received free material and also won a $2,000 piece of equipment to go in her classroom. There were only five of them to be given away.
She also received copies of primary sources to use in her classroom.
Ms. Wolfe was able to go because she is a member of the American Democracy Membership Grant which sponsored her trip.

The Amazing Race By: Randi Barnett

The 3rd and 4th grade students at JCS are participating in a program called the Amazing Race.
The Amazing Race is a test-prep program designed to prepare students for the CATS test as well as the Presidential Fitness Program.
The students earn points according to how they score on their CATS prep open response and multiple choice questions each week.
The students with the most points get advantages in the Amazing CATS Race. Four teams compete every other Friday in a race of some kind and earn points for winning the races.
As of now, they have competed in two races, a relay and an obstacle course. The next race will be held upon returning from Christmas break. The four teams that are competing against each other include students from both grades. The team names are the Jaguars, Cheetahs, Bobcats, and Wildcats.
The 3rd and 4th grade teachers Dianne Little, Lesley Wolfe, Angie Campbell, and Cheri Arrowood would like to thank Mr. Stacy and his sophomore class for helping set up the obstacle course and other races.

Mrs. Price’s Top Banana of the Week i
s Chelsea Moore
1.)My favorite food is macaroni and cheese.
2.)My favorite school subject is reading.
3.)My least favorite school subject is math.
4.)A career I’d like in the future is a doctor.
5.)When I’m with my friends, I really like to ride bicycles and swim.
6.)When I’m alone, my favorite thing to do is watch TV and play games.
7.)My favorite TV show is “Tom and Jerry.”
8.)I think that the best color in the world is peach.
9.)One thing I do really well is talk.
10.)The best thing about me is I have a family.

Y-Club Holds Secret Santa Shop By: Aaron Jackson

On December 11th through the 13th, the JCS Y-Club held a Secret Santa Shop at the FRYSC for students to do their Christmas shopping.
It was filled with assorted toys, craft and stuffed animals, and was open during the school day.
The purpose of this was to raise funds for the Y-Club’s KUNA trip in March of 2007.
The JCS Y-Club would like to thank all people who visited the Secret Santa Shop

Mrs. Price’s Top Banana of the Week is
Sean Wade Howard
My favorite food is pizza.
My favorite subject in school is science.
My least favorite subject in school is writing.
A career I’d like in the future is professional wrestling because I think it would be fun.
When I am with friends I really like to play video games, play Star Wars, and practice karate.
When I am alone my favorite thing to do is watch TV, work puzzles, think about things, and play with Legos.
My favorite TV show is “Animal Planet.”
I think that the best color in the world is black.
One thing I do really well is skipping rocks in water.
The best thing about me is I like to think

Red Ribbon Week By: Nicole Bowles

The week of October 30th through November 3rd was Red Ribbon Week at Jackson City School.
During that week there were many activities that went on including: a Red Ribbon Week gift to all of the students at the school, a drawing everyday in which there were five grand prizes awarded to students and one grand prize awarded to a faculty member, and a yo-yo show.
In addition, the Junior Red Cross spoke to the elementary and middle school students about the importance of not using drugs.
JCS administration would like to thank the staff and students for making Red Ribbon Week a huge success

First Annual JCS Chess Tournament By: Jessica McIntyre

On October 28th, the first annual JCS Chess Classic took place in the JCS library.
Seventy-two people from Breathitt, Wolfe, Morgan, and Montgomery County participated.
Students competed in six different categories with one category for parents.
Scott Hollon and Mike Wolfe participated in the parents’ competition.
In the elementary beginners division, Rader Davidson placed first, Matthew Lee Turner placed second, Tyler Collins placed third, Allen Fletcher placed fourth, and Terrence Collins placed fifth.
In the advanced elementary division, Ashley Combs placed second and Ben Combs placed fifth.
In the middle beginners division, Whitney Lucas placed second, Ryan Lovins placed third, Roscoe Riley placed fourth, and Jeff Hamblin placed fifth.
In the advanced middle division, Michael Robinson placed first, Nazeer Shaikh placed second, Josh Hollon placed third, and Chad Davidson placed fourth.
In the high school beginners division, Lester White placed first and Brett Harvey placed third.
In the advanced high school division, 26 students participated. Nick Carico placed third and D.J. Clemons placed sixth.
The tournament was directed by Steve Dillard from Louisville. Dillard is a national tournament director who directs the winter and summer chess tournaments at the Bluegrass State Games.
Chess coach Chet Sygiel said that a good time was had by all participating and that the chess team is looking forward to the regional tournament at West Liberty in February and the Sweet 16 State Finals in Lexington.